A Fun New Way to Travel


When I am not working on an assignment, helping others, or any other activities that I might have I like to kick back and watch some good quality television.  Some of my favorite tv shows consist of The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family to TV’s most lovable family The Simpsons.  A few days ago, I was conversing with a few colleagues discussing different means to transportation.  One of them started enlightening the group on a project that would allow people to have flying vehicles that would not require a pilot’s license to operate: and would still be street legal to drive.   Another colleague discussed a project that included pod cars that will operate themselves which would not require too much from the user and so on.  After they had all given their opinion it was my turn to engage in the discussion.  I started by explaining that a good means to transportation (that would have a minimum impact on the environment) was a project that consisted of tubular tubes and air pressure regulator.  However, some of my colleagues had no clue of what I was talking about.  So, in a desperate approach to try and clarify what I was referring to I compared my idea to something I thought I would never use as a reference when it came to such intellectual conversation.  I told them “You know, like the tubes they travel in the show Futurama.”  To my surprise, they were admirers of the show and knotted in agreement.  The conversation continued and soon we started to dispute the quickest way to travel; speed of light, sound, or gravity.  Although, the conversation was getting intense I still had the lingering thought of the tubular tubes.

Once I arrived home, I searched for projects that had a similar idea or concept to what I was speaking of.  A project by the name of “hyperlooping” came up.  The project insert a capsule into underground tubes in which the traveler will sit in.  Once the travelers have boarded the capsule, a vacuum tube extract most of the air from the tubes reducing the amount of friction on the capsule.  Similar to how a puck works on an air hockey table, the capsule will levitate and travel down the tubes in a similar fashion.  By allowing such technology, the capsule could reach speeds of 350 to 400 miles per hour, which would be three times faster than the bullet train.  As stated by a Colorado inventor Daryl Oster, who is also in pursuit of making such project a reality, “It is an irresistible way to get the 400 miles from Los Angeles to San Francisco in barely enough time to eat a tuna salad sandwich, forget the dessert.”  However, in order to get the project off the ground several billion of dollars would have to be invested.  Nevertheless, the project will relieve cities of congestion and will be a more sufficient way to travel since most of the tubes would be placed underground or in a overhead passage manner.  Furthermore, the project would cost a fraction of the price of $68 billion proposed for the bullet train linkage from San Francisco to Los Angeles.



The project is still in the brainstorming phase and is opened to any outside ideas on improving it.  No solid model has been created for the project yet but with more enthusiastic individuals joining in, advancement in the project should be seen in the near future.  What are your opinions on the hyperloop system?






8 thoughts on “A Fun New Way to Travel

  1. The Hyperloop is a fascinating piece of technology, and it would be really cool to see one built, despite the difficulty.

    Also, the Hyperloop would be built above ground on pylons next to highways, to minimize real estate costs and construction costs. The principle is the same, however – minimize air resistance and friction to allow the pods to travel at high speeds.

    Great post!

    Casey Walker

  2. This idea sounds great! It sounds like an amazing innovation that would change how people travel, and help relieve congestion as well as the environmental stresses caused by driving, However it does seem very costly. How long would it take in order to get the system up and running? I feel like this is a really good idea, but it will be some time before anything like this can actually be executed in our transportation system. But i think that when it does, it will be wildly successful! Thanks for the information!

  3. It is worth mentioning that there is no new technology involved with this idea. The original designer, Elon Musk, stated that we have all the technology required to get this baby going. It is a fascinating idea; however, i think that people are skeptical about it because it sounds too good to be true (built within 1/10 of the highspeed rail budget).

    • You are right; it does sound too good to be true. Yet, a lot of the technology we have nowadays would have been thought of as too good to be true in the past. Maybe the technology is a bit too advance for this day in age, but that is not to say that the same will be true in a decade or so. I highly doubt this will be the last time we hear of something in this nature. Who knows, maybe in less than a decade, some brave inventor will work out all the quirks and will built it.

  4. This project sounds very interesting, definitely something you would expect to see in future societies. However, it does seem very dangerous considering the high speeds it will be traveling at, especially if turns are incorporated in the route.

    Great Post!

    • It does sound very interesting. I can’t wait for the engineers and individuals who are working on this project to release a base model and illustrate how the system will work. I honestly believe that this is an insight into the future and probably will be the most used way of transportation. However, the individuals who are working on this project have lots of question and concerns to address before even releasing a base model. Thank you for your comment.

  5. I like this idea and it does seem really fun, I think Id be scared to travel at those speeds without a helmet on at least though. It is funny how some of these transportation ideas that you would think are just way out there are actually possible with all this new technology being developed.

    • My main concern on The Hyperloop project is more along the lines of sharp turning points. However, with so much technology out there I’m sure they have a solution for that. I just wish I could get some insight on how they plan to overcome such obstacle. With that being said, I have to say I conquer with your statement about wearing a helmet for safety. I can see major problem arising and possible lawsuits. Therefore, the individuals should take into consideration all these concern that the people have when designing a model. Thank for the comment alez2014.

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