Intro: What Is?

What is Engineering?

Engineering is a field that incorporates the fundamental theories of science and mathematics in order to solve real life problems.  Such problems arise from population growth, supply and demand, and even making human life less complex.  Engineers are needed to intellectually abstract real life problems and transform them into reality.

What is Civil Engineering?

Civil Engineering is about developing new concepts and services for the community.  Civil Engineers are responsible for planning, designing, and constructing facilities for the general public.  Such accommodations include: housing, building, roadway and any essential material to sustain life.  All in all, Civil Engineering is the ability to solve problem that meet the demands of the people and the challenges of life.

What is Transportation Engineering?

Transportation Engineering is the application of science and technology in order to meet people demands.  Transportation Engineering incorporates science and technology to safely move people and goods around in an efficient and rapid manner.  Technology is used in transportation engineering in order to forecast future developments as well as economic and environmental impact.  Transportation Engineering is a fundamental element in the movement of people and goods through methods of air, water, rail, and even highways.


4 thoughts on “Intro: What Is?

  1. I feel that your definition of engineering is very spot on an enlightening, as engineering is essentially about applying ideas and turning them into reality. It’s also interesting how you generalized the meanings of Civil and Transportation engineering, rather than just repeating the exact definition. However, it seemed a little inconsistent with the definitions being generalized, as the part about civil engineering falls off to the general definition of engineering. Overall, it is a solid blog post.

    • Sorry for the late reply tmdebler. I am still trying to maneuver my way around this site=]. I, myself, am guilty of generalizing engineers into a single category. When I am asked “what is an engineer?” I give them a basic meaning of what an engineer is. I never realized how much work and planning goes into each branch of engineering and how diverse they are from one another. As you pointed out my definition was a bit inconsistent however, thanks to this assignment I have further my understanding of what is and what it takes to be an engineer.

  2. Good job on the blog and explaining how science and mathematics is a must for engineers. You are absolutely right about how engineers make life less complex. I’m glad you stated this so that people will think further about how engineers are necessary and how we can use more great minds to become engineers. Without engineers being able to transform ideas to reality we really wouldn’t have anything in life, at least technology wise which basically runs our lives now a days. Its also great how you emphasize that Civil Engineers make life possible basically and that because of them we have shelters and roadways. Great work in the blog and I’m looking forward to reading your future work. Keep it up.

    • Thanks Javi831. You are right on saying that technology basically runs our lives now a days. I had the privileged of traveling outside of the country during the summer and didn’t realize how heavily dependent America is on technology. However, the basic principles of engineering were practically everywhere. From roadways to aqueducts, engineering was everywhere. It might have not been to my expectation of what I was used to seeing here in the states but in a sense it was engineering nonetheless.

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